Documents, Forms & Advisory Notes

ActivFire Documents, Forms & Advisory Notes

AF-D000.DCSIRO Verification Services - ActivFire® Scheme Terms of Service for Domestic (Australian) Clients/CustomersAF-D000_D
AF-D000.FCSIRO Verification Services - ActivFire® Scheme Terms of Service for for Foreign (International) Clients/CustomersAF-D000_F
AF-D001Rules governing ActivFire® SchemeAF-D001
AF-D003Schedule of services and feesAF-D003
AF-D004ActivFire® Scheme rules governing complaints and appealsAF-D004
AF-D005Terms of Reference of the ActivFire Technical Advisory Panel (AFTAP)AF-D005
AF-F001Product certification - project/prospect registration request formAF-F001
AF-F003Product modification/variation registration and processing formAF-F003
AF-F009Product withdrawal request formAF-F009
AN-001Advisory Note AN-001 (VRSLA Batteries)AN-001
AN-003Advisory Note AN-003 (Evaluation and certification of steel pipes to AS 1074:1989 (R2018))AN-003
AN-004Advisory Note AN-004 (Li-Ion Batteries)AN-004
AN-005Advisory Note AN-005 (ActivFire® verification and validation of test reports to Australian Standards by non-Recognised Agency for Conformity Evaluation (RACE))AN-005
AN-006Advisory Note AN-006 (Fire prevention and protection for mobile and transportable equipment)AN-006
AN-007Advisory Note AN-007 (Condensed aerosol fire extinguishing systems)AN-007
AN-008Advisory Note AN-008 (Gaseous fire extinguishing systems)AN-008
AN-009Advisory Note AN-009 (Re-certification of smoke alarms to AS 3786:2023)AN-009
AN-010Advisory Note AN-010 (Re-certification of Fire Detection Control and Indicating Equipment (FDCIE) to AS 7240.2:2018)AN-010
AN-011Advisory Note AN-011 (2024 Revalidation Process)AN-011
AN-012Advisory Note AN-012 (Agent / distributor)AN-012
AN-013Advisory Note AN-013 (Re-certification Power Supply Equipment (PSE) to AS 7240.4:2018)AN-013
AN-014Advisory Note AN-014 (Product packaging, label and manual updates)AN-014
AN-015Advisory Note AN-014 (Evaluation and certification of flexible tube assemblies to Clause 7.6 of AS 2118.1:2017 + A1:2017 + A2:2020 + A3:2024)AN-015