Addition of a new Class 17 – Site Application for domestic, residential, and commercial buildings.

June 14th, 2022

PCCP has introduced a new Class 17 –  Site Application for Domestic, Residential, and Commercial Buildings.

This new Class has been specifically developed for painting contractors involved in the Protective Coatings Category, and who operate on a smaller scale.

Class 17 is for site application of protective coatings to timber, concrete and other structures. It covers mainly repairs, fragile surfaces and restricted spaces where usual blasting and spray-painting equipment cannot be used.

Class 17 is a requirement for all contactors applying for Class 5, Level B – Management of Hazardous Coatings – Industrial, Commercial & Residential.

PCCP strongly encourages all contractors applying for Class 17 to consider:

  • undertaking a Certificate III in Painting and Decorating through TAFE, or
  • training by TAFE qualified instructors, or
  • having three years’ experience in operating a Painting and Decorating business.

For Further Information please refer to PP-D018