How Do I Participate?

Painting Contractors

  • Go to the PCCP document list on this web site and read Document D001 – How PCCP Operates
  • Decide on the category (protective coatings or line marking) and classes you would like to be accredited for.
  • From the document list, study the document covering accreditation requirements (D011 to D015 as appropriate)
  • If you believe you can show an auditor evidence of your compliance to all (or most) of the accreditation requirements, complete the Initial Application Form (PCCP Form F001)
  • Submit the completed form to PCCP. Once received and accepted by the Executive Officer, a Service Agreement will be prepared and sent to you for signing and return. Once this is received, you will be contacted to begin the process leading to an audit of your site and records.


Asset Owners / Managers

  • Go to the PCCP document list on this web site and read Document D001 – How PCCP Operates
  • Contact the Executive Officer PCCP and request an application form
  • An application form and details of applicable fees will be sent to you.

PCCP Document List