The CSIRO ActivFire® Scheme is an independently operated product certification and listing scheme. The Scheme is responsible for the verification and validation of evidence of conformity for active fire protection products such as smoke alarms, smoke detectors, fire detection control and indicating equipment (FDCIE), fire suppression systems and sprinkler heads.  

The Scheme is responsible for the management of the Register of Fire Protection Equipment and sits within the structure of the CSIRO Verification Services. It plays a vital role in the protection of the community and is backed by the expertise of CSIRO’s NATA accredited Fire System Laboratory.  

The Scheme recognises evaluations undertaken by CSIRO Infrastructure Technologies, other Accredited Testing Laboratories, and depending upon the product type and applicable compliance assessment criteria, evaluation, and approvals by several overseas agencies. 

The ActivFire® Scheme is managed by an Executive Officer and administered by a technical panel. 

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