How Do I Participate in APAS?

I am a Manufacturer of Coatings

You need to have:

  • A working third-party accredited ISO 9001 compliant quality management system.
  • Either NATA accreditation for your QC laboratory (and development laboratory, if applicable)
    an agreement to participate in a technical competence round robin proficiency testing program as established by APAS.

Provided that the above pre-requisites are in place then:

  • Send APAS an application form contained in APAS Document AP-F002.DOC with supporting documentation.
  • APAS will arrange for you to undergo an APAS audit of your manufacturing facilities in order to determine compliance to best industry practices for paint manufacture.

Once the above is complete and in place, you may begin applying for certification of your product/s.

See APAS Document AP-D192.PDF (427 KB) for details.


I am a Government Department or other Specifier

To begin participating in the Scheme, you need to:

  • By studying the aims and objectives of the scheme, determine that APAS will fit with your requirements as a paint specifier/user.
  • Register your intention to become a Member of APAS by contacting the Executive Officer. After submitting the application form AP-F004.DOC and payment of the appropriate annual fee, you will be listed as a Member and receive all normal Member services and correspondence including a free copy of the (electronic) List of Certified Products (eLCP).
  • Decide on the appropriate APAS specification/s for your job and begin incorporating into your tender documents &/or specifications, the requirement that products used must be approved against APAS Specification “X”. (Manufacturers can provide certificates for their products as proof of compliance and these certificates have limited life – check the expiry date). Compliance may also be marked on the container label (but not currency of certification).
  • Advise APAS of any product quality problems encountered. (The manufacturer should always be advised in the first instance, but send a copy to APAS for our product records).