What is the Painting Contractors Certification Program (PCCP)?
An accreditation program that minimises spending on maintenance of assets and infrastructure.

Organic coatings (paints) are the most commonly used means of preventing the corrosion and eventual degradation of assets and infrastructure. When properly chosen and applied, these coatings can, under optimum conditions, provide up to 50 years of protection in some cases. However, poorly chosen or badly applied coatings can fail in 12 months or less leading to expensive maintenance activities or even asset replacement. Each year, many millions of dollars are expended on unnecessary maintenance activities.

The PCCP was started in 1992 as a joint initiative between the Commonwealth (as a major owner of assets and infrastructure) and industry. Its objective was to accredit painting contractors who could demonstrate compliance with certain defined minimum performance standards – quality systems, satisfied customers, skilled and experienced personnel etc.

Adherence to these standards is ensured through a process of regular audits by personnel with appropriate skills, experience and knowledge of the industry. Organisations that want to make use of PCCP services apply to become Members and pay an annual subscription for the rights and privilege of PCCP Membership.


May 1st, 2022

The Covid-19 situation in Australia and NZ has gradually improved and  restrictions in all states have been lifted .

Effective 1st May 2022, APAS and PCCP physical audits will resume under the current health guidelines and will be reviewed accordingly.

The cost of audits will stay the same till the end of 2022 and  the prices can be viewed on Document PP-D003.

For further information contact:

Elenora Stepanova


T +61 3 9545 2624 M 0477 753 069


September 30th, 2021

There are current public health directions restricting business operations in some industries across Australia. For information about what COVID-19 public health rules apply in your state or territory, go to your government website.

This is a rapidly evolving situation, and we at CSIRO are committed to providing as much certainty for you as we can during this time. We also understand the importance of APAS and PCCP accreditation for specific projects and the need to attend to our members and clients ongoing accreditation requirements in a timely fashion.

Effective 1st October 2021, APAS and PCCP physical audits will continue under the current health guidance where allowed and if they cannot be carried out in person we will organise an Online Video Conference and Online Desktop Audits. Online Desktop Audits can be conducted via selected video conferencing platforms or email and can be arranged with the APAS and PCCP audit manager. These Audits will allow for the accreditation to be issued as per APAS/PCCP Guidelines. The reversion to business as usual will be dependent on the state of COVID-19 restrictions at each review.

The cost of audits has decreased from the previous listed prices to accommodate the hardships that some business are facing due to Covid-19 – all new prices can be viewed on Document PP-D003.

Recent changes to PCCP accreditations


March 2022

      • Eptec Marine Pty Ltd trading as AFL Defence Solutions (SA) Classes 2-6 (Full)
      • Frontline Manufacturing Pty Ltd (QLD), Classes 1-4
      • Evermil Pty Ltd (NSW) Classes 1-6 (Provisional)

January 2022

      • Cormac Metal Spray Pty Ltd (NSW) Classes 1-6 (Provisional)

October 2021

      • UGL Rail Services Pty Ltd (NSW) – Class 1-2

Cancellation of Accreditation

February 2022

        • AFL Services Pty Limited SA Classes 3-6

Suspension from the Scheme

November 2021

        • Australian Enviroblast (SA) Pty Ltd – Class 3-5


The current list of accredited contractors is provided in full in PCCP Document D016