PCCP Training Courses

Provider Recognition Requirements

In setting technical and administrative requirements for accreditation of contractors, it is sometimes necessary to ensure that proper and adequate training of employees takes place.

As PCCP is not in the business of providing such training, we seek to accredit those courses that meet the minimum requirements of industry. PCCP sets criteria for;

  • Who can develop the course
  • Who can provide the training
  • The delivery format (web-based, field-based, class room?)
  • The course content
  • How long the course should run
  • How the participants are to be assessed (written or verbal?)
  • How satisfactory completion is recognised (certificate?)

Training providers are encouraged to apply to PCCP for accreditation of their courses after which, participants approach them directly for provision of the training.

Links to view details of the various course criteria

D020.PDF (70 KB) – Coating inspection

D021.PDF (72 KB) – Industrial lead paint management

D022.PDF (73 KB) – Lead worker

D025.PDF (91 KB) – Certificate III


Recognised Providers

PCCP recognises certain organisations as having the course(s) that comply with the documented requirements.

These providers and their course(s) are regularly reviewed and confirmed as continuing to meet the requirements.

Current listing of providers.

D012.PDF (256 KB) – Recognised training courses